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Roll-Out Recovery Seminars


EXTENDED TWO WEEKS! Ever wonder how to use those foam rollers around the gym?   Join Jake Ritter, Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer, for two Sundays of finding out just how wonderful these rollers can be for releasing stress and those pesky, hard to reach muscle knots.    Free for Members, $15 for non-members.   No pre-registration required... Just show up!   Sunday, November 12th & November 19th at 2:00pm

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Healthy Back Yoga Class


Healthy Back Class This five week series of therapeutic classes will focus on yoga asanas that fosters your overall well being and health of your back. Deepen your awareness of how the yoga principles of alignment, core stability, breath and movement aid in the healing of injuries, imbalances and offer insight into the process of strengthening the back. Asanas (postures) are taught in supine, prone, standing, sitting positions with breath awareness to develop strength and flexibility. Each person will also receive an individual session to assess your needs and develop an individual home practice.   Who: This class is intended for beginning or experienced yoga practitioners who would [...]

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