Intro to BodyPump

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Free and open to the public


Sunday, January 7th

Noon – 1:00pm



Body Pump is a fitness class for men and women of all levels. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, it’s a total body workout. You’ll leave the class feeling challenged and motivated, confident, and ready to come back for more.



The introduction class is an opportunity to receive one-on-one instruction from a certified instructor assuring proper technique and weight selection. After the introduction class, you will be ready to attend any of the scheduled BodyPump classes with confidence.


Group Fitness Classes are an incredible way to stay fit. BodyPump is one of the best. Bring a friend, and have some fun!

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Merry Fitness!

Merry Fitness!

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Get a jump on your new year’s resolutions with our


3 month holiday fitness package


The package includes our lowest monthly rate ($81/month for an individual), no enrollment fee, and a free personal training session ($60 value).


Did you know it takes 3 months to create a habit? Let Pavitt health and fitness be your partner in creating the exercise habit. The 3 month Holiday Fitness Package is the perfect start. Why wait for New Years – get started now at the gym voted best in town 6 years running.



This is an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) membership. You get billed electronically each month. After 3 months, you can cancel with no penalties… but we hope the exercise habit will have taken hold and you continue working towards your fitness goals with us. We also encourage everyone to take advantage of the free personal training session! Our personal trainers are wonderful and will get you started on the right track.



We are your local, hometown gym, and want you to feel welcome, comfortable, safe, supported and confident about achieving your goals.






Call 907-789-5556, or come on in for more information.






Merry Fitness and a Healthy New year!




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Women’s Heart & Core Class

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Women’s Heart & Core

is a fusion of many exercise modalities to strengthen the core and exercise the heart. This six week small group training session will offer proper progressions while covering different training modes of exercise such as: core activation, stability & mobility, resistance training, cardio intervals, circuit training, plus a fusion of yoga-barre exercises.



Space is limited so please sign up at Pavitt Health & Fitness, or call 789-5556.


“This class is wonderful, very doable, and fun!  Keegan Carroll provides just the right amount of individual attention to identify the small deviations in form that need improvement.  She makes this class doable for every level with a strong focus on improving form and strength to develop a solid foundation.  Throughout the weeks she introduces and reinforces achievable routines using exercises, barre, resistance bands, dumbells, circuit training.  Worth every penny – and I would gladly take it again!” ~JoEllen


Contact Keegan Carroll, ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach, at for any questions. 



Members: $188

Non-members: $225


Not a member? Join here!



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Functional Fitness Class

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is a full body blast focused on strength circuits, boxing inspired workouts, and functional core & cardio exercises using various pieces of equipment such as: battle ropes, kettle bells, agility ladder, bosu, medicine balls, and of course the punching bag and basic mitt work! Join Kirk Burke, NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Keegan Carroll, ACE Personal Trainer on Saturday mornings for this fun & functional 75 minute class! No boxing experience necessary.

Free for members!

Not a member? Join here!

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