Hello Dear Pavitt Members,

First, let me just say what a very lonely place the gym is without you. Buddy and I have been coming in daily to hold down the fort and work on things like disaster funding for small businesses. We want this place to be ready and rockin to go for you when the doors reopen.

That said, here is a status report for you.

  • All membership billings have been halted as of March 18th, until further notice.
  • We are working on ways to compensate members whose March/April membership got “shorted” by the March 18th More to be revealed.
  • We are beginning to offer a few of your favorite group fitness class and instructors online. Check the Pavitt website (gopavitt.com) Facebook (www.facebook.com/gopavitt ) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/gopavitt/) pages for more info.
  • As much as we would have loved to make some of the gym equipment available to use at home during the closure as many of you requested… the logistics of scheduling people in and out of the gym, tracking, cleaning, and ensuring a speedy return when reopening was more than we have the capacity to do at this point. Really tough decision for us… We hope you understand.

We are so fortunate to live in a place where it is not only easy to maintain social distancing when going outside, but we are entering into our best weather months for enjoying the outdoors. Exercise is so important for our physical and mental health, and for keeping our immune systems strong.  We truly care about your health and wellness, and hope you are taking care of yourselves and others by staying active and following all the rules.