Class Descriptions


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INSANITY: This is an intense and effective High Intensity Interval Training class.

P90X: Is an intense 1 hour combination of a variety of exercise techniques, including strength training, cardio, yoga, plyometrics, and stretching.

BODYPUMP: The most successful group fitness program in history, BodyPump is the original barbell class to music that strengthens your entire body. This 60 minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lift, and curls. Great music, awesome instructors, and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for, and fast!

CANDLELIGHT VINYASA FLOW YOGA: Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing candlelit room as you move from one pose to the next. This warm, dynamic class encompasses a strong standing flow to warm the body, with an emphasis on hip openers, breath work, and heart opening. This class is available to all levels and to those looking to deepen and strengthen their practice.

CYCLE:  Train smarter, not harder.  The focus is on heart rate based training to improve overall conditioning. Regardless of your background, experience, or competitive goals, this class will launch you on your fitness journey.  Training advice, health tips, recipes, gossip, and so much more.  Start now to be in the best condition of your life by next year.  And have fun doing it.

CYCLE THERAPY: This class is for anyone who is willing to try a work-out on a bike that goes absolutely nowhere!  Come see how much fun you can have on a stationary, indoor bike while increasing your fitness level, building strong legs, and making new friends in a positive, supportive environment.  Find out what loops, ladders, pyramids, progressive circuits, tabata, spin-ups, and much more are as you cycle to popular and inspirational music of all genres

GENTLE YOGA: Gentle Yoga is a meditative movement practice that strengthens both body and mind. Through a series of guided actions participants move slowly to create a connection with the experience in the body in the present moment. This connection encourages greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. Gentle Yoga is appropriate for anyone who wants or needs a slower paced yoga experience.

VINYASA YOGA: Vinyasa links yoga postures through movement and breath. It is both fluid and fun, and builds strength and flexibility.

LUNCHTIME YOGA: Lunch Time Yoga is a Vinyasa style class where we will connect with our breath in a moving mediation. Specifically designed to warm up the body, build strength and lengthen the muscles and connective tissue. All are welcome no matter your experience.

PiYO: PiYO is a hybrid, athletic workout, which combines the mind/body practices of yoga and Pilates, as well as the principles of stretch, strength training, conditioning and dynamic movement. It is a pre-designed class that will really get your heart rate going as it features various styles of yoga and Pilates in continuous movement and flow from one exercise to another. It is sometimes describe as a hyper version of yoga, but with the benefits of deep breathing, balance, stretching, strengthening and relaxation. And to top it all off, the music is awesome!

RISE & RIDE: Kick-start your morning with this high-energy workout packed with heart-pounding drills, great music and motivational coaching. This class is sure to improve your fitness as you rise to the challenge in this eye-opener of a ride.

CORE: Build a strong core in prep of summer fun: golfing, biking, running, climbing, gardening, and more… Most people think of the core as a 6-pack, but the truth is the abdominal muscles are a very small part of the core. Work the muscles that control movements, transfer energy, shift body weight, and move in any direction. Create a strong core and dominate your summer activities.

TURBO KICK: Turbo Kick combines traditional kick boxing moves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for an unbelievable calorie burn. You’ll have a blast getting into knockout shape – learning hard-hitting combos and edgy dance moves while torching fat and carving lean sexy muscles.