imagesH1ZQI3T3You want to get fit and take better care of yourself, but when you walk into the fitness center, you don’t know where to begin? You wonder, how do I use all that fancy equipment, anyway?

Hiring a personal trainer to help answer those questions is a great first step for many fitness center “newbies.” A personal trainer will provide you individualized guidance and instruction on the best workout program for you. You can meet with a trainer just once, multiple times, or on an ongoing basis — whatever serves your needs best.

Experienced fitness center members also benefit from personal training. Perhaps you want to make your workout more efficient, or just try something to make things interesting again. A few sessions with a personal trainer can be a big help.imagesEEWRZI6R

At Pavitt Health and Fitness, we have several top notch personal trainers on our staff. Please click here to learn a little about each of them and how to contact them.

When you are ready to schedule an appointment ($60 per hour), you can contact the trainer directly, or call us at Pavitt Health and Fitness for assistance. If you’d like, we can help you determine which personal trainer can best meet your needs and make a referral.