Welcome to the Pavitt Family

Your keycard that gives you 24/7 access to the gym is at the front desk in the will-call box for you to pick up at your convenience. When you come in to pick up your keycard, please bring your driver’s license or other legal ID for us to scan into our system. If you are a new member, we would also like to take a photo of you for your account records. We will also need to add a credit or debit card to set up your EFT (Electronic funds transfer).

A few things to keep in mind: your payment is due each month. We have 4 billing dates:

  • The 1st
  • The 8th
  • The 15th
  • The 22nd

Your billing date will be whichever of those falls closest to your join date. If you prefer one of the other billing dates to the one that is automatically assigned, please let us know ASAP and at least 2 weeks before your next scheduled billing. Thank you.

You can “freeze” your membership for a minimum of 1 month, and a maximum of 6. During a freeze, you will not be billed for your monthly dues. But please, we need at least 10 days’ notice in order to set it up before your next billing date. There is a one-time charge of $20 for this service.

If you need to cancel, we also need at least a 10 day notice in order to stop the billing before your next billing date.

Thank you for caring about your health and choosing Pavitt Health & Fitness as your gym. We look forward to being your partner in supporting you achieving your fitness goals.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email or at 907-789-5556.

Thank you again!

Best of health,

The Pavitt Staff