These are the brave and dedicated people that try to maintain the view from 30,000 feet while working at ground level. When something goes wrong they take responsibility, and when it goes right they credit the staff. Managers can be reached by calling 907-789-5556.

Joe Parrish
Joe ParrishPartner & General Manager
Joe Stewart
Joe StewartPool and Equipment Manager
Phone: 907-789-5556

Susan James
Front Desk Manager

The wonderful folks at the front desk are the face of Pavitt Health & Fitness. They do it all; membership sales, laundry, reception, cleaning, chemist (pool/hot tub pH control), customer service, and more… all while making you the best smoothie in town. Front Desk staff can be reached by calling 907-789-5556.

Personal Trainers & Physical Therapist

Whether you are new to the gym or a seasoned veteran, our certified and experienced trainers can get you started by helping to establish fitness goals, workout routines, and the confidence to use the exercise equipment competently; and/or help get you to the next level of fitness that you want to achieve.

Click here to find out more about personal training at Pavitt Health & Fitness.

Lucrecia Mervine
Physical Therapist

Education: U. of Ulster Jordanstown, N. Ireland – Physical Therapy/ BSc(Hons) Physiotherapy

Extra training

-Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS) – Gray Institute

-Certification in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) – Functional Movement Systems

-Trained in the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) – Functional Movement Systems

Active PT licenses in : Alaska, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania.

Keegan Carroll
Keegan CarrollPersonal Trainer
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Health Coach
ACE Therapeutic Exercise Specialist
SCW Core Training Specialist
Rock Steady Boxing Certified Coach
Certified Barre Above Instructor
YogaFit Kids Certified Instructor

Keegan Carroll is passionate about health and wellness. As an ACE Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer, she can assist with behavior modifications, nutrition guidance, and physical activity programs. An ACE Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, Keegan can implement exercise to help heal diseases and combat symptoms of chronic diseases. She is a lead coach for the Rock Steady Boxing class, which helps people with Parkinson’s Disease fight back.

Keegan is an experienced instructor of group fitness classes such as: functional fitness, core & cardio, cycling, tabata, HIIT, barre, dance fitness, and weight lifting. She specializes in functional fitness, core rehab, and women’s health. She has a passion for mind-body exercise and is currently working on her RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance.

Keegan believes in a whole body approach to training and is delighted to offer her services.To schedule an appointment, please call or text (907) 723-7925, or email

Robert Martin
Robert MartinPersonal Trainer
Phone: 907-723-2700

Robert has worked in sports instruction, physical training, mountain guiding, coaching, and health education over the past 40 years. He especially enjoys working with older adults who seek lifestyle changes which improve and maintain quality of life through activity, healthy eating, and persistence in achieving these changes. His training and experience allow him to successfully assist those facing limitations due to health and aging.

His passions are outdoor sports and adventure travel. He is a scuba diving instructor with NAUI, PADI, and PSAI. He also works as a PSIA Ski Instructor and USSA Ski Coach at Eaglecrest.

Robert is a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and holds credentials as a Senior Fitness Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist.

Kathy Washburn
Kathy WashburnPersonal Trainer
Phone: 907-723-2211

Kathy has been an American Council on Exercise (ACE) fitness trainer for over 20 years. She has also worked in a physical therapy rehab clinic as an aide for eight years and has extensive knowledge of exercise science in areas of basic fitness programs, post-rehab training, and injury prevention.
Kathy is a trained exercise leader for the Arthritis Foundation and offers extensive knowledge of how to exercise while managing arthritis, as well as other health issues such as diabetes and fibromyalgia. She specializes in; Functional Exercise, Injury Rehab & Prevention, Women’s Health, Arthritis Exercise, and Senior Exercise Fitness.

Group Fitness Instructors

This group of talented, energetic, and certified instructors provide a variety of group fitness classes that offers something for everyone — including Yoga, cycling, BodyPump, Insanity, PiYO, P90X, and more.

Click here to find out more about our classes or click here for the class schedule.

Katy McKerney
Katy McKerneyGroup Fitness Instructor – Cycling

Evolving into a mentor and coach as a cycling instructor is a natural progression from a lifetime spent in wild and scenic places.  Early years for me revolved around working on horse ranches and soon the lure of the mountains grabbed my imagination.  Summiting peaks in the Northwest U.S. and Canada became my obsession long before climbing was cool.

Turning this love affair for the outdoors into a living resulted in becoming a geologist that led to exploring for gold and minerals in remote regions of the U.S., Alaska and Central Lapland, Northern Finland.  Graduate school in interior Alaska placed me squarely in company with winter temperatures that dropped to -50 degrees Fahrenheit.  With the first winter, it became icy clear that being outside was an exercise in donning survival gear so it is in the subarctic that my life long relationship with working out in fitness facilities and working for them as a second or third job began.

Since my late 20’s, aside from foreign travel, I have recreated almost exclusively in Alaska and the Yukon centered on hiking, biking and paddling.  My first real adventure cycling ride was the Dempster Highway in Canada’s Northwest Territory.  It is a dirt road that is 457 miles one-way, crosses two rivers and ends in Inuvik.  My outside cycling preference is to mountain bike where cars are far and few between but if I do ride the roadways I will be on my Surly Ogre.  Due to demands of statewide travel and work in Alaska, becoming a cycling instructor was not possible until I was almost retired from my primary career job.

My first teaching certification (Schwinn) was obtained at the IDEA World Convention in Los Angeles with Jay Blahnik.  Soon thereafter I became a certified Spinning instructor, lifetime member of Adventure Cycling Association, and member of national online cycling associations to further my education from active instructors around the country.  I study and work on other certifications as time allows.  I am in my fifth year of teaching at least three classes a week.  I advocate that exercise should be like our middle name, just part of who we are!

Bev Ingram
Bev IngramGroup Fitness Instructor – Yoga

Bev’s students enjoy her classes as both challenging and relaxing. She encourages breath to focus the mind and body. She has a keen eye for teaching alignment. Bev loves integrating mindfulness of the body through breath and movement to deepen awareness and invite stillness. She is passionate about sharing her love of yoga and making yoga accessible to Everybody. She believes in the process of yoga to promote healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

Bev is registered with the Yoga Alliance as a 500 hr experienced yoga teacher (1000 teaching hours). She has been teaching yoga since 1999 and practicing for more than 25 years. She took her first teacher training in 2001with Theresa Elliot of Pacific Yoga Teacher training program. In May 2012, she completed a 340-hour Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. In June 2015, she completed yoga therapy training with Sarahjoy Marsh.  Bev is a yoga therapist and available for private sessions.

Charlene Steinman
Charlene SteinmanGroup Fitness Instructor

Charlene has been a fitness instructor for 20 years in California, Colorado, and Alaska. Her instructor certifications include American Council of Exercise (ACE), Stott Pilates, YogaFit Level 1, and BodyPump. She is also certified as a physical fitness specialist by the Cooper Institute. Charlene has taught a variety of classes, including step, strength training (including BodyPump), mat pilates, yoga, flexibility, hi/lo aerobics, and kids’ fitness.

Donna Young
Donna YoungGroup Fitness Instructor – Yoga

Donna has been active in the fitness industry for over 30 years. She is an ACE certified personal trainer since 2001 and has completed the Cooper Institute Fitness Specialist Program. Additional certifications include Body Pump, Yogafit, Schwinn Indoor Cycling and Turbokick. Donna believes that fitness can be a way of life and in addition to teaching classes at the gym she enjoys cycling, cross country skiing and most of all being with her family. She would like to help instruct and motivate you toward your fitness goals.

Janet Valentour
Janet ValentourGroup Fitness Instructor

Janet Valentour has always been engaged in health and fitness. The majority of her life has been spent in Juneau skiing, biking, running and hiking. Before joining the Body Pump Tribe, she was a classsroom teacher. Now invested in a second career of physical fitness, she is focused on strength training and overall wellness

Ira Rosen
Ira RosenGroup Fitness Instructor

Ira has been active in the Juneau fitness community for over 35 years. He has indoor cycling certifications from Schwinn, Rebock, and Lemond. Ira earned his ACE personal training certification in 1989. Ira has trained in several martial arts styles and earned the rank of Nidon (2nd degree Black Belt) in Shotokan karate. His own trading includes indoor cycling, weight training, and swimming. He was a competitive powerlifter and National Masters Champion for 15 years. He still has unbeaten records in two weight classes and several age categories. He has also won gold medals at the International Powerlifting Federation World Masters Competitions in Argentina and the Chech Republic.

Ira’s approach to training and coaching is to focus on heart rate based training and proper breathing. The result is superior conditioning to support peak performance. In his spare time, Ira is completing his “Fitness Theory of Everything”, an integrated model of the body’s response to exercise.  It starts with understanding your body type which influences what you should eat and how you should train. The model demystifies all the training variables so you can control your fitness program. At any age…the best is yet to come.

Sarah Selvig
Sarah SelvigGroup Fitness Instructor
Jennifer Carson
Jennifer CarsonGroup Fitness Instructor
TurboKick and BodyPump
JP Zaguirre
JP ZaguirreGroup Fitness Instructor
Brook Larson
Brook LarsonGroup Fitness Instructor
Kate Fochs
Kate FochsGroup Fitness Instructor
Turbo Kick/CIZE
 Jessie Schalkowski
Jessie SchalkowskiGroup Fitness Instructor
Turbo Kick/CIZE

Environmental Service Specialists

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment at Pavitt Health & Fitness every day is a top priority for all the staff. Our custodians take great pride in and work hard every day to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness throughout the facility.

Robbie Atkinson – Head Custodian

Phone: 907-789-5556